Formless: 10 Years of Rupture

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    Marking 10 years strong in 2016, we celebrate a decade of Rupture's reign on the underground representing the best in heavyweight jungle and drum & bass with a very special event held in Manchester.... : 10 YEARS of RUPTURE ------------------------------------------------------ Breakage Loxy EQUINOX Double O Mantra (UK) & Djinn EARL GREY Hosted by BLACKEYE MC ------------------------------------------------------- 22:00 to 04:00 am **music policy: deep / dark: jungle, drum & bass, amen ruffage** Limited £7 Early Bird + BF (sold out) £10 Advance Discount + BF £14 OTD // [email protected]
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  • ___________________________________________________________________ ◊ BREAKAGE (Digital Soundboy / Bassbin / Scientific Wax / Reinforced / Planet Mu) Master of tension and chest rattling sonic frequencies, Breakage is the UK sound system culture’s dark magus. Bursting onto the scene In the early 00’s, he announced his arrival with a rawkus remix of hardcore classic ‘Here Come the Drums’ & followed suit with a series of EP’s on groundbreaking label Reinforced. No young pretender, Breakage was at the forefront of a new wave of breakbeat scientists bringing a percussive sound back to drum and bass at a time when the scene seemed to have forgotten its true jungle roots. Combining rich tones and a sense of spaciousness in the mix, his music is both subtle yet devastatingly effective; he’s released numerous highly acclaimed productions on many key labels, notably Bassbin, as well as Inperspective, Planet Mu, and Scientific Wax; which he co-ran with Equinox from 2005 for a number of years. In 06’ Breakage’s debut LP ‘This Too Shall Pass’ made waves & gained wide-spread commendation, shortly after which he joined Digital Soundboy, releasing pre-eminent tracks such as “Clarendon” / “Shroud’, proving himself to be one of the most versatile operators in the scene….. He brings the unmistakable Breakage sound to Rupture @ Formless. ◊ LOXY (Cylon / Xtinction Agenda / CX-Digital / Renegade Hardware/ Samurai Music) One of few artists that continues to influence all elements of the drum & bass movement from the underground up, Loxy’s played a seminal part in every step of it’s evolution over the last two decades. He started out in the early years of D&B, becoming a mainstay for events that now hold their veritable place in rave history… his name locked in the archives from then on, alongside the Blue Note’s legacy. In the early 2000‘s he launched Cylon with Dylan & went on to start X-tinction Agenda alongside Keaton with an aim to represent and cultivate the near ‘x-tinct’ sound of what they deem “true Drum & Bass – breakbeats & sub bass.” Over the years Loxy’s held residencies at Hardware / Therapy, and worked with pivotal labels such as Metalheadz, Razors Edge, Samurai Music, Exit Records, Renegade Hardware, Digital Soundboy, and Architecture to name a small few. His most recent cutting edge imprint with Reza, CX:Digital, has been a platform to push the deeper, more experimental dub-driven side of d&b even further…. ◊ EQUINOX (Scientific Wax / Bassbin / Stand Firm Hi Fi / Inperspective) Equinox's vision of drum n bass is truly one of a kind. Heavily influenced by breakbeats, his production was first released featuring on a collaborative EP on legendary label Brain Records with Bizzy B back in ’93. In the years that followed, he worked with a host of other artists, including Threshold (Special Branch), Senses, DJ Dubplate, DJ Renegade, Outrage, Breakage and engineered the 2004 remix of DJ Crystl’s classic ‘Warpdrive’ released on Photek’s prodigious label, Photek Productions. Since then, he’s dropped science across the drum n bass spectrum, from the smoother, melodic material on Bassbin, Subtle Audio, Breakin and Warm Communications, to the pure pressure unleashed on Inperspective, Intasound, Planet Mu , Metalheadz, & more recently heavyweight new label Stand Firm, showcasing perfectly the full 360° of music from which he draws his inspiration. Established in ’94 & re-launched in 2005 with Breakage, Equinox continues to push the standards of jungle to groundbreaking new levels with his label Scientific Wax. He completes the trilogy as the third headliner for 10 years of Rupture in Manchester, having been a regular player since their launch in 2006. ◊ DOUBLE O (Rupture LDN / Ako Beatz / Eastern Promise / 117) ◊ MANTRA (Rupture LDN / Ako Beatz / Repertoire / UVB-76) ◊ DJINN (Formless / Foundation-X / Repertoire) ◊ EARL GREY (Subtle Audio / Inperspective / Amen-Talist / Pinecone Moonshine) Hosted by ◊ BLACKEYE MC (Rupture LDN)