Penta x Norite - KdK Edition

  • The second edition of our indoor series sees us at Kantine am Berghain, this time with Brussel-based label NORITE in tow for a very special showcase on the weekend of the KdK. NORITE is a Brussels-based label focused on innovative techno, releasing their first 12" this year. We felt a need to aggregate our music and to express ourselves under the same roof. For this occasion we gather 3 analogue live-sets from Foreign Material, Back To The Lab and Miloyko together with 3 vinyl sets from Felix Hüther, Lunar Convoy and Horner to make this night outstanding. 5€ box office | 11pm 70 Am Wriezener Bahnhof Friedrichshain 10243 Berlin
  • Penta x Norite - KdK Edition - Flyer front
    Penta x Norite - KdK Edition - Flyer back