Acid - 1988 Rewind! Acid House and Acid Techno

  • Venue
    The Wiley Fox
    • 28 Eden Quay, Dublin 1, Ireland
  • Date
    Fri, 1 Apr 2016
    22:00 - 03:00
  • Promoters
    The Energy CollectiveUnderCulture Productions (Ireland)
  • Attending
    • 0
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    Mark Walsh - 1988 Acid Tondy - D - 90s Acid Techno KZR - Eclectic Oldschool / Harcore RayKay - Modern Techno / House Meraki
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  • The Energy Collective Time Machine is fully charged and we're going for the full time machine experience here. Starting with modern House / Techno at 10pm, Then each DJ will be going back an era and music style going through the years discovering what made music that we know and love today from the year 00's down to the mid and year 90's until we hit that defining and game changing year of infamy, 1988. The year where rave music, rave culture, PLUR culture and bass music took off. Back in the day when people used to travel far and wide just feel the thump of the bass in an abandoned warehouse with like minded deviants, misfits and occasional hippy. We will be paying homage to some of he pioneers of the scene from the people who made it what it is today and to the people who pushed it forward to the future. No matter what the year there is one clear and strong message that stands through-out time. A passion for the music we love and a passion for all things out of the ordinary. Whether it be a rebellion from the Thatcher era, frustration of the pre Celtic boom, or concerns about the modern global geopolitical system one message is clear - We don't want your bullshit, WE WANT OUR MUSIC!
  • Acid - 1988 Rewind! Acid House and Acid Techno - Flyer front