ARM Launch at Steelyard with Mark Reeve and Dubspeka

  • ARM is not just a party, it's movement, a lifestyle, deeply embedded in techno culture taking inspiration from the infamous haunts of Berlin. Launching Friday the 13th of May and running on a monthly basis, Arm will be hosting some of Technos finest exports and local talents in the scene today. With a deep care for visuals as well as music, we will be installing full 3D mapping and will be creating a visual experience to give you a special night to remember. Fully focussing on a stripped back warehouse feel with just the Artists, their track selections and the visuals doing the talking! For the launch we have curated a line-up of two of Technos rising stars - Dubspeeka and Mark Reeve. Mark Reeve Mark is known as a non stop DJ. As an artist, he has now had his most important releases on cult label, Cocoon Recordings, Drumcode, Soma, Bek Audio, Traumschallplatten, Trapez, Herzblut and Bedrock. His tracks are always a mixture between dancefloor moovers - including groovy rhythms - and big basslines. Supporting our headliners we have our 3 residents Mosai, Ruki and LunasAura. All London based Dj, their sound has been defined by techno culture and evolved throughout the years, aiming to deliver intense and carefully thought sets to provide great music from the very first to last minute of the night. Dubspeeka As a purveyor of sleek yet heavyweight techno, his productions have a deep refreshing rawness coupled with a chrome-finished edge that affirm a lifetime of fine-tuning his ear in the studio. Garnering the respect of his peers via releases on Drumcode, Truesoul, Last Night On Earth, Ideal Audio, Bedrock, and of course his own Skeleton imprint, dubspeeka is set to continue to espouse his refreshing take on techno into 2016. Darren Beale is no stranger to the music industry. As one of the producers in International electronic music group Kosheen for much of the noughties, he was responsible for two Gold selling albums, and a string of international hits. But as Kosheen wound down at the start of the decade, Darren still had a scratch to itch. Having grown up listening to Drum & Bass (and producing under an earlier alias), and early rave and hardcore, it is not surprising that he always also had an eye and ear on the techno scene during his time in Kosheen. So a shift in focus in the studio engendered the dubspeeka alias, and a lifetime of studio work and producing across various genres have resulted in a mature, polished and original style of techno that is exciting his peers and fans alike. LINEUP Mark Reeve dubspeeka Ruki Mosai LunaSaura
  • ARM Launch at Steelyard with Mark Reeve and Dubspeka - Flyer front