Coppé: 20rpm NYC Premiere

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    Coppé [support: d3pths + david ambrosio], Kaoru Watanabe, J-Music Ensemble
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  • In a long-overdue NYC debut, Coppé celebrates 20 years of her ‘phantom’ Tokyo record label Mango + Sweet Rice. Following a London St. Giles Church showcase with partners including Plaid, Coppé presents fresh interpretations of 20 years of global sound collaborations featured on the double vinyl release: 20rpm. D3pths (programming) + David Ambrosia (acoustic bass) support, with a special guest appearance by Kaoru Watanabe (taiko, transverse flute) and the J-Music Ensemble led by Grammy-nominated saxophonist Patrick Bartley.
  • Coppé: 20rpm NYC Premiere - Flyer front