Papa Loko 1st Birthday: Purity

  • Deep & High Frequency Techno --- Deep(er) Haus --- Xtatic Electronica Keeping its promise and running only a few events throughout the year, Papa Loko is back with the 4th installation & celebrating its 1st Birthday at a new home - Apiary Studios. Underground and unashamedly progressive, The Apiary is the perfect home for Loko’s uncompromising party ethos, where the best of soul-shaking techno and transcendental pumping electronica becomes the force that brings like-minded party lovers together in a quest for a more positive & life-affirming partying experience. For 'Purity' Papa Loko is chuffed to present Othon's first ever hybrid live/DJ performance. A multi-awarded pianist and composer who worked with electronic music pioneers such as the late Peter Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Coil) and Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Othon brings his ever-expanding creative output to the decks & Ableton Live, for a 3-hour techno trip that hops from deep and melodic to transcendental and explosive. Loko is excited also to welcome to the family Warm Up's resident Gus Emmett and Papercut's/Kaos' regular Wandson Maxx For the Birthday, Loko will install a new top of the Range SOUND SYSTEM by Flipside! The Loko Bar: Loko will have a unique, specially curated Bar with a small but carefully chosen selection of organic and locally produced drinks, mind and taste-expansive cocktails made by our drink alchemist James Smart and even natural enhancing medicines from different parts of the world. Door Policy: Papa Loko is an 18 + event. Otherwise, Papa Loko has a NO JUDGMENT policy - just look beautiful in your own unique way. Come as You Are and Leave as You Would Like to Be
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