Automatic Tasty Live & Ghostboy

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    Automatic Tasty, LIVE (Lunar Disko, Photic Fields, Modern Magic) Ghostboy (Mother Club) Rubio (Hang Tough Framing) Modern Magic
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  • Tickets 8/10e on the door Automatic Tasty rocked the place last year with a killer live set when he played for us at District 8 with Luke Vibert, but we'd like to experience it all once again in the more intimate surrounds of Yamamori Tengu. We are positively buzzing for this show and we are delighted to get to see the man himself just before he jets off to Bloc Festival to play the next morning. We will do our best to make sure he is relatively hangover free ;) Having brought Berghain's Panorama Bar to its knees when he played back in October, we expect Tengu will be no different. Ghostboy has long been a fixture in Ireland's music scene, having played every festival and party imaginable. What he has become most known for is his long eclectic sets in Dublin's, Mother Club. One of the most exciting nights in the city, with the most loyal of followings. Here’s an excert of a 5 hour set to get you going. Framing king pin Rubio gets things started after the MM messers. Here is an amazing mix from Dublin's Hang Tough Framing Hero Rubio. Slick, slow beats to get seriously involved with. Some cosmic vibes in there too. And of course last but not least, here's one from us Modern Magic DJs
  • Automatic Tasty Live & Ghostboy - Flyer front