The Leverage Agency & Friends

  • Presented by Thump 21+ Event Miami Music Week 2016 Doors Open At 10PM The Leverage Agency, founded by HABITAS, Pattern Bar, and VOODOO’s Eduardo Castillo, came to life out of a need for curating the right events specifically for it’s artists. The agency’s mission; to work with artists whose sole purpose is to inspire and be inspired, never compromising their artistic integrity. The Leverage Agency artists belong to that rare bread of quality vs. quantity and passion for music above all. The agency caters to the needs of it’s artists but most importantly, to the needs of their fans. Our family of artists will perform only in venues with top quality sound, superb hospitality, and respect for what we all love, a day/night full of lasting memories and musical journeys.
  • The Leverage Agency & Friends - Flyer front