Nocturno vs Deeper Sounds in The Loft, MoS

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    Andy Eastough (Deeper Sounds) Martin Smith (Deeper Sounds) Von SPICER (Nocturno) Eastern Resident B2B Marcus Raute (Nocturno) Kassic (Nocturno) Kyle O'Sullivan (Nocturno)
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  • We are very pleased to announce that Deeper Sounds will be making its London debut on Friday 26th February 2016. Advance ticket price is for entry to all rooms [except any VIP areas]. [Full price o.t.d. £22.00] ROOM: Loft Deeper Sounds have been invited to host the Loft alongside Nocturno. Other DJ’s featured on the night across the various rooms: THE BOX: Cosmic Gate (3hrs)/Alex Di Stefano/Lee Osborne 103 (Acid House Wife): Smokin Jo/Lottie/Miss Dix/Tina Martin BABY BOX: Peter Litka/Darren Pasley/Hoo83rt/Space Jack/Boletz/Martin Tobias/DJ Sollar/Timo The Ministry of Sound is the perfect venue to re-launch our brand. We hope to see you there!
  • Nocturno vs Deeper Sounds in The Loft, MoS - Flyer front