Impromptu ALI X (Idol Hanse / Azari & III)

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    ALI X Abstract DJs
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  • ALIXANDER III, full birth name Alphonse Alixander Lanza III, shot to international notoriety with his 2009 love-child, punk-house re-incarnate Azari & III. But AZIII was the product of a long running DJ and production career that began in the industrial grotto of Hamilton, Ontario Canada, a bat caver's wet dream of an occult black hole, soundtracked by the likes of Jesus & Mary Chain, Skinny Puppy and The Swans. The dark, brooding dance industrial there scene clearly influenced its penchant for the eerie, early techno that Plastikman, Speedy J and Stacey Pullen would bring to the infamous Eclipse raves, events that cemented Alixander's passion for transcendental machine funk. In his formative years, under aliases Smutmachine, Dirty 30 and Pan Con Queso, he has produced and released a wide array of experimental electronica, often strange and cantankerous but always kinetic and body moving. Aside from the world wind of Azari & II, which was laid to rest in early 2014, he curated a year long label project, Idol Hanse, 13 Eps of international underground techno-esoteric tools from like-minded producers Gingy, Hoshina Anniversary, Gaunt, Phil Moffa & Paul Rafaelle and other cohorts who unabashedly drew from classic sources to assemble relevant modern variants. Film soundtracks, often in the suspense and horror genres, along with advert pieces, gallery atmospheres and modern dance scores are part of his repertoire, and he has co-written and produced a varied catalogue of artists, from rap to rock to ambient soundscapes. His studio ethic and technique are legendary in Toronto recording circles, and he is currently working from a portable rig across Europe, finishing a stream of new releases with collaborators from les Alps to L'Anvers, Milano to Napoli and Amsterdam to L.A. His recent and pending work with Get Physical, Gomma, Exploited, Get The Curse and I'm A Cliche connect the dots to what has become a true and lasting fixation/dedication to the artistic and expressionist side of socially oriented entertainment.