Weathertop presents: Paddy's Day All Dayer Free Party with Special Guests

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    We will be releasing the line up in 3 rounds. Round 1: Dah Jevu (HipHop) Ras Tinny (Dub) Nathan Jones - DJ/Producer (Vison Collector/Connection) (Techno) Chonkie b2b Money D b2b Jazza (HipHop/Disco/Reggae/Dancehall) Free Sunshine Acid (Psychdellia) Buckshot Amber (Rock) Aaron Nolan (Culture Shock) (House) Mōtet Forte (Future Soul)
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  • Weathertop are up to dirty deeds on Paddy's Day with a very spicy 12 hour party in celebration of our lord and saviour St. Patrick who chased all the pagans out of Ireland and made it socially acceptable for everyone to get wrecked in his honour on this very special day. We thought we'd create a safe haven away from all the negative chaos that sometimes goes on this day every year, and instead throw you into a festive, visual wonderland with a monch corner and a fat bbq, and lots of things going on to keep you entertained all day, WT style. Cracking lineup with bands and djs all day plus a very special overseas guest all TBA! We're also teaming up with Down the Rabbit Hole for this one, so expect to see all of their crazy visuals, decor, and LED performances from Down the Rabbit Hole Hoopers! ________________________________________________ FREE LIST from 3-7pm To apply for the free list (And cheaplist after 7pm), comment "WT Paddy's Day Free Party", tag 2 friends, and share the event. €5/9 ________________________________________________ FULL LINE UP OF BANDS AND DJS & SPECIAL GUEST ALL DAY TBA WT xo