Overtime with Fred P

  • This is something that has long been in the making. Fred P. AKA Black Jazz Consortium has always been on CreateSpace Collab's short list of artists that we wanted to host in Boston. His music is mature, intelligent and well thought out, all while being made for the dancefloor. With countess singles and five full lenght albums to his name, Fred is a busy man. While his productions have been turning heads for years, his intensive touring schedule has brought this Queens NY native to all corners of the world. Last year his Fact mix was lauded as the best of the year and he has recently done a Thump Mix as well a mix for Mixmag. We are truly honored to host Fred P. AKA Black Jazz Consortium Early Bird ticket link up soon. There will be 40 tickets available for $15.00/tickets at the door will be $20.00 Party by CSC Flier by Alfredo OVERTIME/WORK IT/THRILLS NOT FRILLS
  • Overtime with Fred P - Flyer front