Bumpin The Night presents - Club 69

  • The world famous Club 69 are known for their superb one-off and somewhat subversive parties, quality not quantity we say, and we are delighted to be brining them back to London on 13th February 2016 with a return to the very wonderful, and appropriately named Scotch of St James. Selections from the collections will come courtesy of the 69 DJs along with Paul Sethi (Bumpin the Night) who’ll be joining us for an all vinyl affair. Get Doon, you know. Some of what they say about 69 is folklore, some of its just plain nonsense suffice to say, any fan of music ranging from disco to house to techno and beyond worth their chip-in has been to the notorious Club 69 - originally held in a basement club under a restaurant in Paisley. Seriously, if Scotland didn’t have the Loch Ness Monster, it would probably put 69 on the tourist brochure, it's that good. The crowd have been traveling there from far and wide for low-key parties that, since the 90s, have been the old guard’s bragging rights and the newcomers' initiation ritual.
  • Bumpin The Night presents - Club 69 - Flyer front