CAS NYC present Talk Talk 'Spirit Of Eden

  • After their 1986 release ‘Colour Of Spring’ Talk Talk were riding high and with record company belief in the band soaring, they were given an open cheque book and a deadline free remit of creating their next album. The result of which was the more experiential sounding ‘Spirit Of Eden’, needless to say the record label were less than impressed when handed the intentionally noncommercial sounding album. The album itself is a mesmerizing piece of music which stands up amazingly well today appealing to a broad section of fans including those of Radiohead, Miles Davis, Neil Young and The Velvet Underground. Read more about the album here. Join us for what will surely be one of our most immersive sessions yet. Sunday March 13, 4pm - 7pm Good Room, 98 Meserole Brooklyn, NY 11222 presenter: Ron Like Hell (Wrecked/ Academy Records) Link for $8 advance tickets / $10 on the door. Audio Menu: Rega Apheta MC Cartridge, Rega P9 Turntable, Audio Note UK pre-amplification and power amplification, AudioQuest Interconnects and cabling, Klipsch Loudspeakers, Klipsch SW-115 Subwoofers
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