Tanzgewitter #Nkstyle

  • Dark clouds on the horizon herald a new edition of Tanzgewitter #nkstyle! In the best underground vaults of the city, acoustic downpours mixed with soft, funky disco showers* are waiting for you, culminating in a deep Techno tempest full of divine sparks. For the second issue of our Club Edition #nkstyle we are bringing in reinforcements for a „Welcome Dresden“ Party from the hottest label that the city has to offer: Uncanney Valley, who also host the legendary Boilerroom. They will meet a fine selection of Neukölln DJs as well as a live act that combines House and Funk in the most danceable way. Our technoid thunder finale is presented by Phonatic who will reward our rain dancers with tremendous techno, as if there were no tomorrow. * may contain traces of House
  • Tanzgewitter #Nkstyle - Flyer front