Bootylicious: a Bootycall for the Love Ball

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    Kartel Brown Biggy C Chillz Afro Chick aka MC Brandy Sugarbear Jeffrey Hinton
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  • Valentine’s day, the day to give a cheeky present to someone you’ve long thought hot and horny, or to show your love still burning for the lover who’s been with you forever. Or to return to an old love – Like Bootylicious at Club Union. Because it was this venue, then called Crash, where Bootylicious first saw the light of day. We’re going back to our roots! DJs and special guests include Kartel Brown, and Afro Chick aka MC Brandy, plus Biggy C, Jeffrey Hinton, Sugarbear, Chillz and guests with everything from Dancehall to Hiphop and Soul and House across 2 rooms. If it’s your birthday in within a week of Valentine’s day then you get free entry, and if you want to party with your friends we have an unlimited concessions guest list for you. Just drop us an email [email protected] or a facebook message with the names and that’s it! Most people just pay at the door, but we have a limited number of £8 tickets available via Eventbrite.
  • Bootylicious: a Bootycall for the Love Ball - Flyer front
    Bootylicious: a Bootycall for the Love Ball - Flyer back