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    - Irregular Synth - ((Dirty MInds, MB Elektronic, Abstract) - SUDO - (SCI-TEC) - Domingo Casanova - (Disconnekt) - Nick Keller - (SubKultuur) - Nick Felllas - (Urban Tech Berlin)
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  • DISCONNEKT is the new project that is taking place every month @ AVA club, a dark underground venue in the heart of Berlin. Our concept is to present a quality selection of artists from prestigious labels that will perform alongside our local talents, to propose a proper Minimal Techno sound to our crowd. Friday After our first party on February 5th, in which we definitely broke people´s expectations having Marc Faenger (Minus), Stiv Hey (Sci-Tec) and Xminder as guests and smashing the club till saturday morning, now, keeping the level of Minimal-Techno scene, we present the line up for our next Disconnekt party on February 26th.
  • Disconnekt - Flyer front