Tropical Waste with Toxe, MM, Mind:Body:Fitness, Endgame, Iydes b2b Seb

  • The first Tropical Waste of the year welcomes four artists with radical new visions for club music. Toxe and Mind:Body:Fitness fly from Gothenberg and Berlin to make their UK debuts while two of our favourite London artists, MM and Endgame, also join us down in the basement... TOXE (STAYCORE ~ UK DEBUT) Having prieviously hosted Staycore crew members Dinamarca and KABLAM, we now invite Toxe to play her first UK show. Debut EP 'Muscle Memory' treads the perfect line between experimentalism and full-power club music and we can guarantee her set will be fierce 'n frenetic. MM (HER RECORDS) After guesting on our NTS show twice, MM finally takes control of our party. The Her co-founder dropped a white-hot EP at the end of last year as well as a split-single with Imaabs on Purple Tape Pedigree. His tracks come loaded with rhythm and land anywhere between 110-135bpm and his set is sure to explore that tempo boundary in style. MIND:BODY:FITNESS (KNIVES ~ UK DEBUT) We've been obsessed with Mind:Body:Fitness' SoundCloud account, where she showcases her vision of footwork and techno. Tonight she'll unveil the live A/V show she's been working on with MBJ Wetware for the very first time. A debut EP for Knives is forthcoming. ENDGAME (BALA CLUB) Endgame makes his second appearance at Tropical Waste. This time he'll be celebrating the release of his excellent second EP 'Savage', out on Purple Tape Pedigree. Expect him to unleash a whirlpool of noise, rap and thunderous club music. IYDES B2B SEB (TROPICAL WASTE/NTS) Tropical Waste residents go head-to-head, rolling out the visceral bump 'n grind as per usual. ~Low-key launch of Iydes' new EP on Infinite Machine, out Feb 12~
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  • Tropical Waste with Toxe, MM, Mind:Body:Fitness, Endgame, Iydes b2b Seb - Flyer front