FASMA Festival 2016

  • FASMA («φάσμα»~fásma) is the greek word for spectrum, i.e. a condition that can be limited to a specific set of values but can also vary infinitely within a continuum. We are proud to announce that FASMA Festival is returning for a third year to Athens, presenting a line-up of more than 30 international and local artists from 7-9 Arpil 2016 and expanding in even bigger venues such as six d.o.g.s, Romantso, Astron bar, Vyrsodepseio and St. Paul's Anglican church in Athens. For our 3rd year anniversary, we will be featuring one of our best and most contemporary line-ups with Actress, Phurpa, Giganta, Lee Gamble, Miltiades and Benton, among many others. Thursday 7 April 2016 St. Paul's Anglican church Starting Time : 21:00 Phurpa (RU)/ Mohammad (GR) Friday 8 April 2016 six d.o.g.s Starting Time : 21:00 Where To Now? Showcase: Jesse Osborne - Lanthier (CA)/ Nicola Ratti (IT)/ Kondaktor (GR) Romantso Starting Time 00:00 Virginia (DE)/ Unit Moebius Anonymous (ND)/ June (GR)/ Umwelt (FR) /Lee Douglas (US)/ Archaic Space (GR)/ Chevy (GR)/ Paul Bennett (UK)/ Zorz (GR) Astron Bar Starting Time : 00:00 Revolt! K.atou (GR) / Mr. Roussos Saturday 9 April 2016 Vyrsodepseio Starting Time : 00:00 Actress (UK)/ Lee Gamble (UK)/ Ancient Methods (DE)/ An-i (US)/ Endlec (GR)/ Claudio PRC (IT)/ Coward (US)/ Giganta (GR)/ Miltiades (GR)/ Source Direct (UK)/ Sawf (GR)/ Benton (UK)/ MCMXC (GR)/ Insom & Yinka (GR)
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