Am Boden

  • AMBODENINFO _ Since 2013, we’re organizing raves in abandoned basements and houses. Our Nachtasyl parties are using the unused. Creating a space to have an extraordinary party with ordinary people. We’re making parties for everyone. Everyone, who shares our love for rough and dark music and our hate against the physical and structural borders that exist. A few months ago, we decided that we want to create something that is similar, but gives us even more space for good music and more possibilities to contribute to the fight against borders. This something became AM BODEN, a legal party at one of our favorite new clubs in Berlin. AM BODEN is driven by two main principles: #1: We want to make an intensive and thoughtful party that makes you dance to rough and dark Techno sounds as well as making you enjoy atmospheric and experimental Beat- and Disco-sets. We want to design a space that gives you the chance to escape. #2: We want to make a good party for the sake of a good party. We don’t want to make money. We are donating 50% of our profit to “You can’t break a Movement”, a Rote Hilfe e.V. project that pays legal fees for regugees and refugee activists. The other 50% will be saved up to lower our personal risks and cover expenses for the next edition of the party. ♥ Nachtasyl Kollektiv
  • Am Boden - Flyer front