Holotone Showcase 01

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    Inner8 (Holotone / Farmacia901), IT // Live S13 (Secret Thirteen), LT // Dj GRÜN (Dromoscope), IT // Live Sofus Forsberg (Mindwaves Music), DK // Live Alexander Stone (Holotone), IT // Live Ina Ynoki (Dromoscope), IT // Live Linus Gabrielsson (Holotone), SE // Dj Cubert (Cubic.Hive, Holotone), IT // Visuals
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  • On 30 January you are invited to witness the birth of the new Berlin-based label Holotone, conceived by Daniele Antezza who has graced the clubs of Berlin with his solo project Inner8, toured the world as one half of the influential duo Dadub and helped define the sound of contemporary electronic music as cofounder of the Artefacts Mastering Studio. Holotone draws inspiration from the Holographic principle – an idea in string theory which states that the whole of the universe could be seen as a two-dimensional projection on the cosmological horizon – to explore how the one-dimensional representation of a sound wave gives rise to the full 3D listening experience once the sound leaves the loudspeakers. The label will not limit itself to any particular genre but will rather emphasise the freedom of the artists to express their vision as they see fit – the output will at times be eclectic, often experimental but always guided by impeccable taste. This is the dawning of Holotone: The universe, through the speakers, into your soul.
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