Substance Free Party

  • Venue
    The GRV
    • 37 Guthrie Street; Edinburgh, EH1 1JG; Scotland
  • Date
    Sat, 10 Jan 200910.00pm - 03.00am
  • Attending
    • 3
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    Espion LIVE! (Soma/Serotonin/Orson) Patrick Walker (AVXR/Kompakt Digital) STICK 430 LIVE! (Input Output Inc) Morphamish aka MORPH aka SOLA PERPLEXUS LIVE! (Audiodacity) Brian d'Souza (AVXR/Kompakt Digital/Slabs of the Tabernacle) Gavin Richardson (Substance/Creative Industries) ECLAIRFIFI (LuckyMe/Ballers Social Club) WolfJazz (Jackhammer/Creative Industries)
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  • ESPION LIVE! (Soma/Serotonin/Orson) Stephen Arnold AKA Espion has produced a variety of styles of electronica since 1994. Skilled on many instruments, and with years of experience in sound production and audio engineering for TV/film as well as running several club nights, Espion is one of the hardest working artists we've seen, constantly into new innovative projects. After years as a promoter (notably Camouflage and Breakcore Extravaganza) and resident at various club nights (Super Scientists, Pogo Vogue, Dogma and more), Espion made his mark on the underground scene in 2005, with sell-out releases on Transparent Sound’s label Orson Records. Since then, his diversity in his music has seen him progress into a well established artist, releasing with Scape One, John Selway, Paul Blackford, Vector Lovers and C-System on various labels around the world, including Soma and Serotonin. These have been regularly supported by Dave Clarke on his White Noise radio show, while also being published by in 2007 (under the names Espion and Error Response) for TV, film, games and other media. He has forthcoming releases on labels such as Bass Gun, with remix material in the pipeline for the likes of Sir Real on [K]raktroni[k]. Following a spell in Berlin, his Substance live appearance will be the first since his homecoming. Get more info: PATRICK WALKER (AVXR/Kompakt Digital) Patrick Walker plays deep, hard and stripped back techno often mixing up micro/electronic and dub/dubstep. He has been a regular fixture on the UK club/party scene since the age of 17 playing alongside everyone from Ricardo Villalobos to the Orb and has been a regular fixture at local nights such as Dogma, Lift, Pogo Vogue, Oscilate (Glasgow), React, Jak-N, The Unit and many more including the legendary Eurobeat 2000, launchpad for artists such as Dave Clarke, Damon Wild and Nigel Richards (Suphurex). Nowadays he is producing alongside Glasgow producer Smear as Forward Strategy Group with their first 12"" Gaining support from Surgeon, Regis, James Ruskin, Inigo Kennedy, Marcel Dettmann, Samuli Kemppi and more. Their second EP is eagerly anticipated having recently smashed Infamous Berlin club Tresor to it's foundations. Walker is also responsible for one of Scotland's 1st digital only electronic imprints, AVXR, which works exclusively with Kompakt MP3 to produce experimental and dub influenced house, techno and electro, with his experimental dub/techno releases as Isodyne gaining him worldwide support. He has also released on Mark Henning's (Soma) Clevermusic imprint as well as Mindnet (Mindtours Digital) and the Spanish AV imprint Miga. The future has releases in store on several European labels (Including Grovskopa/Luka Baumann's Biomechanics), as well as continuing work on the Forward Strategy Group and a forthcoming Isodyne EP. Get more info: STICK 430 LIVE! (Input Output Inc) Substance favourites Stick 430 are back, with a raft of new material in advance of their forthcoming debut EP on the digital arm of Input Output Inc … Stick 430 are made up of RV and RA aka Hektor Ruiez. RV has released on the excellent German label Bombtrap, while RA has been behind many respected Glasgow clubs, including Kube and Iridium, and has played alongside the likes of Tube Jerk, Hell, Glencross and Tarrida. Together they generate a unique live show comprising metallic electroid stylings through to proper techno bass - always packed with attitude and guaranteed to rock the party. MORPHAMISH aka SOLA PERPLEXUS LIVE! (Audiodacity) Morphamish has been blasting his mind altering music out of sound systems for the past ten years. Under the names Morph, Sola Perplexus, and latterly as the producer in the group Double Helix, this music has spanned techno, electro, breaks, dnb and dubstep. As well as holding residencies at Pillbox and Obscene, and guesting at numerous events such as Dogma, UTI, Curios, Pedigree Skum, Tronic, React, Confusion and Jakn, he has supported the likes of Neil Landstrumm, Dave Tarrida, Daniel Benavente, Mark Hawkins, Ray Keith and Boxcutter. He has previous releases on Crystal Distortion’s Labrat Audiochemicals, Crunk’s Not Dead, Intonations, and his own Audiodacity label. For the past couple of years he has taken a break from playing live regularly, and he has been working on production, exploring a dubstep influenced sound. This hibernation culminated with the debut Double Helix album (which has received support from Radio 1, Sub FM and Warren Ellis). Now he is returning to unveil a whole new batch of live techno material at Substance. This new sound displays the heavy sub bass and hypnotic off-kilter breaks of dubstep, but is infused with the driving 44 kicking energised momentum and psychoactive funk elements of fat electro techno. The new name he has adopted reflects a return to the spirit of the dance-floor satisfying Morph sound, but with a new expressive bass hungry party time twist. BRIAN D'SOUZA (AVXR/Kompakt Digital/Slabs of the Tabernacle) Brian D’Souza has also been involved in the Edinburgh/Glasgow scene for many years, co-promoting Edinburgh’s Pogo Vogue, forming part of the Super Scientists collective and appearing regularly at the likes of Mind the Gap in Glasgow. In the process, he has appeared alongside some of the biggest names in the business, such as Ricardo Villalobos, Si Begg, Jamie Lidell, The Hacker, Amon Tobin and Four Tet. On a producing front, Brian has recently released on Patrick Walker’s AVXR with the Sound Trap EP, which made Top 5 in the Kompakt charts. Brian is also behind Snailman, his live alter ego which spawns a distinctive ‘spannered’ electro sound. Nowadays, Brian co-runs and holds a residency at the Glasgow club Slabs of the Tabernacle, which has featured acts such as Ali Renault and Mark Du Mosch. His front room set at Substance will no doubt comprise a range of genres spanning techno, acid, electro, dubstep, disco and dub. GAVIN RICHARDSON (Substance/Creative Industries) Closing the main room will be Substance's resident chieftain Gavin Richardson. Coming out of nowhere, he has consistently proved himself since our beginnings, easily holding his own with the big guns. Gavin's dj sets are always varied in their construction and track choice, seamlessly balancing the understated with the maximal, never failing to move the floor. ECLAIRFIFI (LuckyMe/Ballers Social Club) Best known in underground music circles across the UK for the now-defunct Casio Ho Doon online radio show she produced and presented from a flat in sunny Leith, Eclairfifi has an encyclopedic musical knowledge having inherited her dad’s awesome record collection. Clair has guested at nights as diverse as Dblspk and Iridium and, is now part of the LuckyMe posse which is making notable waves in Glasgow and beyond. She will supply Substance with her usual, unusual style of electrofunk, Italo disco, freestyle, crunk, techno and more to provide an ever tasteful main room alternative. WOLFJAZZ (Jackhammer/Creative Industries) One of the busiest and most versatile djs on the Edinburgh scene, Richard Tucker aka Wolfjazz is behind the long running Trade Union night at Cabaret Voltaire as well as the new bass night StepBack. In addition, he holds down residencies at Jackhammer and the associated Creative Industries techno club nights, as well as appearing regularly at the likes of We Are Electric and house clubs such as Ultragroove and Stereotype.
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