Fantasia - the art of illusion

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    Matrix, Weaver, Suae, Antix, Shadower, Resist (UK), Refresh, Pulsar, Haze, Tom-E, Aladdin, Nik Fish, Team Rocket, Midian, Amber Savage, Peewee, Nervous, Archie, Sims, Ill FX, Phase One, Oky, Micky D, Tyler Durton.
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  • It was once said that Magic never existed. But as time passes and moments are carried away from you, ask yourself - wouldn’t it be a shame if your memories were devoid of intensity and pleasure…free from Magic? At Silver Entertainment, Magical experiences are what we strive for. Think back to the moment of when you went to your first party, and how you were startled when you entered the arena. You stood there motionless in total awe, trying desperately to take in the splendour before your eyes. Sensations of vibrant colours fused with beautiful metallic sounds, all layered by an intensity of thunderous drums. Extreme beams of light pierced through the air over a pixelated ocean of colours. Like a dreamlike snake, thousands of blurred images connected through the music; dancing in unison. Was this a dream? They came from all walks of life, combining all their energies with your own, and as the DJ gestured his hands in the air – the arena was lifted, and every sensation heightened. The smiles, the cheers, the euphoria… it was simply Magic! Maybe you've forgotten such moments, these times you wish you could replay forever in your mind – the Magic of your first ever glimpse of a real party. This is what we try to capture at our events, this is the essence of Fantasia! Silver Entertainment invites you to once again be a part of something incredible, something special, and something truly Magical. For Fantasia, the Art of Illusion: prepare to be amazed by the immensity of our ideas, dazzled by the scape of our production, and fulfilled by the performances of our Magicians and artists. But please remember, we always hold the element of surprise with much respect!