Subculture feat Prosumer

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    Prosumer (Panoramabar) & Harri
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  • SUBCULTURE feat. PROSUMER (Panoramabar, Berlin) & HARRI 11pm - 3am £5 B4 12 // £10 AFTER Couple of Prosumer mixes Prosumer (Panoramabar, Berlin) Achim Brandenburg aka Prosumer comes from Saarbruecken and lives in Berlin. He is an expert in classic Chicago House and Detroit Techno. He gained this expertise first as a fervent record buyer at Saarbruecken’s Hard Wax branch, where he later started working behind the counter. It was the heyday of labels like Prescription, the time for soulful house music, which still can be heard in Prosumer’s sets today. "My heart is beating for the early Chicago-Detroit-Sound and for music that feels similar and transports this feeling into today. Generally, I like producers who cordially follow their feeling and who work on a personal style which rather caters for longeivity, than a momentary kick. To know one’s trade isn’t a disadvantage it all.“ Slowly, the consumer turned into Prosumer, who by the way is a character in Alvin Toffler’s visionary sci fi novel „3rd Wave“, in which the term „Techno“ has allegedly been used for the first time ever. Prosumerss debut is released on the 240 Volt label in 2004. A year later, it is followed by „The Craze“ on Playhouse, which turned into a veritable hit record, followed by collaborations with Murat Tepeli or Sebo K and remixes. With Murat Tepeli, he is also performing live, using not only laptops but equipment like drummachines for the shows and incorporating his voice. „Whatever I do has got to be real. If a record doesn’t move me emotionally or physically, I won’t play it out. I have to feel the music and I’m always trying to share my feelings with the crowd on the floor. If everything goes down well, there’s an exchange going on. I try to keep a balance between pushing people’s buttons and surprising them. It’s all about having a good time together. I’m sharing my inner emotions. And dance music has got to be horny.“ Prosumer is a resident at Panorama Bar and plays at clubs like Robert Johnson, Fabric, Paradiso, Zukunft, T-Bar, Pudel, Planeten & Blumen, Watergate, Weekend and Rex Club. ///ESSENTIAL INFO Subculture @ Sub Club, Glasgow, 22 Jamaica St, Glasgow G41 4QD T: 0141 248 4600
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