A Disco Stole My Baby

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    Neil Terry (ADSMB!!!), Pete Dot (People Must Jam), Harry Sounds (Paradise Lost), Mitch Buchanan, Will Webster, Michael Ozard
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  • At a time when, more than at any other in the last 3 decades, people are starting to take Discofied sounds somewhat seriously (hell, even the UK’s Sunday Times recently ran a feature proclaiming the genre’s rebirth and possible use as a cure for cancer) the ‘visionaries’ at A Disco Stole My Baby!!! have decided to recreate one of the legendary episodes in Disco’s evolution in homage to the last time this music entered the mainstream and everything went to shit. As such, we will be hosting a ‘Disco Sucks’ area at the January installment of ADSMB!!!, probably in the disabled toilet, where dancers can engage in the frivolous snapping and, if we can meet all fire safety requirements in a small basement club venue, burning of Disco vinyl, CDs and USB sticks (things have moved on technology wise since someone last attempted this). Of course, the Disco inferno we’ll be creating won’t be fuelled by any good source material, fuck no, it’ll be nothing but the worst, most shameful tuneage ever to be associated with the genre. The decent stuff, in fact lets not be modest, the FINEST stuff from the oldest to the newest and the deepest to the gayest we’ll be saving from meltdown or splintering and playing on the night – apparently people also go to parties to dance as well as destroy things so this seems like one of our more well rounded ideas. Providing the soundtrack to your Disco devastation session will be Neil Terry (ADSMB!!!), Pete Dot (People Must Jam), Harry Sounds (Paradise Lost), Mitch Buchanan, Will Webster and Michael Ozard, all nestled snuggly in the bosom of one of Sydney’s finest sound-systems at the Civic Underground. Along with the full spectrum of D.I.S.C.O. dancers will be treated to the usual the usual cosmic beats and deep House treats, because (a) we’re into that stuff as well, alright, and (b) when the wheels fall off one of our favoured musical bandwagons we’ll be able to claim we never really liked it anyway and sidle up to another without having to start a new night. Word on the street (you know, that street) is that deep House will be the next resurgent dance-floor flavour to follow the cockroach-like Disco (which can also survive anything short of a nuclear holocaust it would seem) in scuttling back towards widespread popularity, hence we think its highly likely that we’ll be throwing a demolition derby of deepness in the near future. Bring yourselves, your most Discosting (snigger) records and ideally some protective gloves. Oh, and your ears, very important. We’ve got the firelighters covered. Welcome along�
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