Analytic Trail Showcase

  • The label created by Markantonio in the 2001 will be on tour from next January. Most evidence to the neapolitan school hosted by the master Markantonio and the new generation of artists like Joseph Capriati and Flavio Diaz will perform together with international djs’ in a brand new show case. Since the 2001 Analytic Trail took a respectable position in the European music market through the production of expert artists like Valentino Kanzyani, The Advent, Danilo Vigorito, Ignition Technician, Rino Cerrone, Davide Squillace, Paco Osuna. Dj, producer, ladel manager Markantonio has the best quality in his spirit and conscience of research, He was the talent scout of Joseph Capriti… every body knows the success of the Capriati’s famous track “Cest la vie”. Actually Analytic Trail in on chart with the new release, two amazing tracks! "Vitamin R" and "Mister Jetix" reflect the evolution of the Analytic Trail groove , influenced by the Minimal of Detroit and the Acid House of Chicago before and London then, and marked by techno Neapolitan school personal imprint . Mister Jetix is a real funky track, nominated to be a real floor killer. Molotov (Markatonio-Capriati), the first track played by Richie Hawtin in Love Parade 2008 will be included in the “Love Parade Compilation 2009”
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