Bass Paradize: Innamind with Kursk, Las, Mikael, Karma, Egoless & Woulai Dub Sound System

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    Kursk, Las, Mikael, Karma, Egoless, Woulai Dub, Serj & Soza
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  • SOUND SYSTEM ◇ BASS MUSIC ◇ BASS PARADIZE ------------------------------------------------------------------- ► 1 an de Bass Paradize : ------------------------------------------------------------------- Early Birds : 9€ // Préventes : 11€ // Sur place : 13€ For our first event of the year we proudly present the heavyweight label Innamind Recordings as our special guests for the evening. As if that wasn't enough, we will also see Croatian badman Egoless joining us on the decks. Expect nothing but vibes when they bring you the freshest bits from across the world. ► Kursk (NZ) Label creator and owner Kursk started Innamind in 2011 as a small, digital-only label. But persistance, a loyal fanbase and nothing but hard work and love for the music, the label has truly found it's unique and aesthetic style which definitely prooves their spot alongside the biggest labels out there, with releases from Gantz, Quest, Thelem and Perverse just to name a few. LA-based Kursk is sure to bring the freshest cuts and enough dubplates to feed the hungry, don't miss this. ► LAS & Mikael (FIN) Love and Sound, your favorite producers favourite producer and his partner in crime, Mikael, are sure to never disappoint. Each as individuals they've built a strong name for themselves with releases like "Tic/Backyard" and "Your Eyes" from LAS, and "Wada" and "Smiling Face" from Mikael, but something special happens when they decide to collaborate. (With "Dem Break" and "The Outlaw EP" as solid proof for that statement.) These Finnish heavyweights will tear up the dance in no time, leaving you sweaty and begging for more of that deep, rooted sound. ► Karma (JPN/UK) With a background in hiphop and a wide spectrum of bass-led music, Karma's truly has a unique sound with his blend of sub-heavy basslines and well constructed melodies. This skillful DJ is more likely to throw in a little bit of everything in his set, from classics to stuff we've never heard before. With support from V.I.V.E.K, J-Kenzo, Gantz and Benny Ill, and with releases like last years "Heal/Rumblefish" and "How Ya Feel/Smear Dub", you better prepare yourselves for a set unlike any others. ► Egoless (CRO) With last years five releases on Lion Charge, System Music, Scotch Bonnet and ZamZam Records, Egoless is by far one of the most interesting acts of this year. This guy pays homage to the sound system culture with his extinguished, bass-heavy dubs - all as a live act! That’s right; Egoless will take us back to how it all started, using only hardware and the original mixing techniques used by the founders of dub. Keep your eyes peeled on this guy, for 2016 will be his year. Come down, have a drink and put your skanking shoes on. Can't be missed ! BASS PARADIZE Deep & Quality Bass Music 06 Février 2016 22:00 - 5:00
  • Bass Paradize: Innamind with Kursk, Las, Mikael, Karma, Egoless & Woulai Dub Sound System - Flyer front