Pete'S 50th

  • Good Evening, Hello, Happy Birthday, Happy bar-mitzvah…. Welcome to the GRAND OPENING CEREMONY of PETE’S 50TH, Dalston’s finest musical party for creative fuck up’s. What started off as a joke birthday party in VISIONS VIDEO BAR last October for a set of mates quickly escalated due it’s lo fi poster campaign, which was recognised in TIME OUT, probably by someone using the overground every day we suspect! Well, they called us “Cheap, Cheeful and Chic” and if they say it, it must be right, right? Well, you can make your own mind up. We like getting really mashed to the music we LOVE, we like the fact our party costs a fiver, and we like things like horns, sunglasses and stinky shirts from charity shops. We are PETE, and we are FIVE-O. We start our monthly residency at our beloved VISIONS on MARCH 6th, and to honour the occasion we have invited the main man of East London DIY partying JAMES PRIESTLEY. If you don’t know who James is you must have been living under a damp rock with a load of wet woodlice for the last few years. He is partly responsible for one thing our capital can definitely be proud of, the mighty SECRETSUNDAZE club of musical delights. Many an afternoon have we been out with heads down getting our vibos on, like a set of absolute arseholes in sunglasses, without a care in the world, alongside everyone else donning that always fashionable smug secretsundaze grin, and we loved every minute of it. Not only content running one of the freshest nights Landaan Town has seen, James is also making waves as a producer with collab partner Dan Berkson. Over recent years we have been listening (and boogie’ing) to tracks from this duo being released on leading UK House and Techno label SIMPLE RECORDS and also several uber cool remixes appearing on Compost Records, defFDrive, Fine & Nonstop Recordings. Therefore, having been huge fans of SECRETSUNDAZE and SIMPLE RECORDS for many years, we thought it only right that James come to help us open up 2009 like a tin of John Smith’s Salmon and spread that grin all over VISIONS floor, up the mirrored stairs, out on the pavement and even in the costcutter next door. As always Dalston’s local Z-Listers, PAUL BARDSLEY (Disclosure Project/S-Sens) & RYAN HOPE (Immigrant) will be spinning some of their finest Disco, House and Techno records and also sporting their usual party attire! If you are wearing thick rimmed glasses, a daffy duck T-shirt and have a cassette tape round your neck on a neon lime green shoelace, then you might have needed to read this complimentary event blurb shit above on James and secretsundaze and probably muttered under your breath ‘oh yea sounds cool, I’ve always loved those black and yellow posters around town’. Well you’re welcome to come down and find out what those posters ACTUALLY mean, but there’s nothing new about rave, so leave the neck wear at home. We’ll have plenty of stuff in the club to make you look like a twat. If you know the craic, you probably skipped to this last paragraph so we’ll save you the time. It’s a PARTY, it’s at VISIONS in DALSTON, It’s JAMES PRIESTLEY from SECRETSUNDAZE, It’s only £5 in….. HeAd’s dOwn HoUse MusIC aLL NiGht LonG…..
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