People Under The Stairs China Tour

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  • Dropping beats harking back to a time when hip-hop was FUN, People Under The Stairs spell out a P-A-R-T-Y much like De La Soul at their most inspired, chillest and unmistakable best. In the late 90s, while hip-hop stars built lucrative empires, some purists went underground. PUTS took it literally and recorded their best albums in their basement, moved by their mutual love for and intense knowledge of music. Pulling only the best jams from thousands of obscure records, these 2 MCs’ live shows give life to a sonic kaleidoscope of textured samples, jazzy beats and chilled soulful rhythms that brought them to the forefront of underground hip-hop. Spitting out rhyme after rhyme of streetwise laid-back humor, these boys from LA are gonna take us back to a time when hip-hop grooves were fresh and beats had soul, when MCs had class, rocked and chased that goal. Yes, yes, y’all… People Under The Stairs MCs in da house! PRE-SALE: NLGX 33 Nanluoguxiang, Gulou Phone: 6404-8088
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      80 RMB at door, 50 RMB Presale
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