• Rhythmatic presents Refrazed Music with Special guest Rebekah Rebekah (Custard Factory, In Bed with Space) Stathis Lazarides (Cavo Paradiso, Refrazed Music, Rhythmatic) Betoko (Oko recs! Rhythmatic) Low & Murphy (Filthy habit, Rhythmatic) Sonogama (Sounderground Records) Refrazed Music:- Refrazed Music was founded on the eve of 2006 by Stathis Lazarides and is on a mission to showcase new artists within the dance music community and especially from his native country,Greece. Already doing the rounds on record boxes throughout the world,Refrazed music has received critical support from the worlds major players and individual tracks released under our roof,have been included on quality compilations. Refrazed music is constantly looking for raw talent,and if you believe on staying in the underground,and don't listen what the latest trend on music production is,then we would like to hear from you!! Please feel free to contact us through this page,to see if you can join our label roster. Special Guest - Rebekah (custard factory, in bed with Space) In the six years that Rebekah has been Djing professionally, she has toured every inch of the globe, performing at some of the most exclusive parties and rocking clubs in the world. On her travels she has DJ’d in countries such as South Africa, Australia, Central America, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Dubai, Hong Kong and Thailand. She has featured live on MTV performing in front of 5,000 people for a party at Jianpula, Malta which was broadcasted to the whole of Europe! She is also no stranger to house music haven Ibiza where she has played on the terrace at Space as well as at El Divino. On the production side of things a new remix on Phobic Records is due out in December by Sona Sound - In the Studio, with early support from Louis Osbourne and Smokin Jo. A second remix is also due out mid December by Dark Chambers - Stompio (Rebekah remix) - CS Gas Records gaining early support from Chris Finke and Tommy Four Seven. It goes without saying that the future is bright and diary packed for this lady of techno and minimal and her peers are starting to take note and give her the respect she deserves.... Anyone that has seen her play out live know first hand that there are no gimmicks or clichés about this female DJ.... just unadulterated raw talent and a passion for underground house and techno. Entrance fee £10 with the DTP invite card / £12 concession / £15 others, for concession email us: [email protected] http://www.myspace.com/rhythmaticuk http://www.myspace.com/doubletroubleproductionz http://www.myspace.com/refrazedmusic http://www.myspace.com/djrebekahdj http://www.tillllate.com
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