Alden Tyrell & Dj Overdose

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    Lunar Disko presents... The Hasbeens feat. Alden Tyrell [LIVE] (Clone / Frustrated Funk) DJ Overdose (Novamen / Monotone - The Hague) Barry Donovan (Lunar Disko)
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  • This coming February 7th sees the first of many international guests down Lunar Disko way in 2009. For this one, we have a very special show with The Hasbeens featuring Alden Tyrell [LIVE] + DJ Overdose mixing it up all things electro & Miami Bass.... Alden Tyrell The last time Mr Tyrell visited these shores was alongside Intergalactic Gary last July for our 2nd Birthday, and what a night that was! Tyrell & I-G rocked down the Kennedys basement like we've never seen before on what is undoubtedly the most memorable Lunar Disko to date. Rotterdam's Italo and electro master has also never failed to impress on any of his previous visits with the Electric City boyos, and this time its the new Hasbeens Live show with his homeboy from Den Haag, DJ Overdose. The Hasbeens first came to our attention when we heard their now legendary super-hit 'Make The World Go Away' which was originally released as a one sided limited 12" by Clone Records. That was quickly followed up by a full EP release with more melodramatic italo and electro to burn up the dancefloor! Now its time for The Hasbeens to bring their live show on the road, and this Dublin date is their first performance outside the Netherlands and we cant wait for it! DJ Overdose Aswell as The Hasbeens Live show, we will be treated to a DJ set from The Hague's DJ Overdose. Known for his skills on the turntables, as one half of the Novamen, and of course his killer releases from over the years on Murder Capital, Viewlexx, and Exzakt's Monotone Records. More recently he has started to release some amazing italo tracks as ' Dream Disco ' on Das Drehmoment from Berlin. Overdose has always had a passion for old school electro and hip hop and will be cutting and scratching up records from the 1980's when the likes of World Class Wreckin Cru' and Mantronix ruled the electro world along with some Detroit and Dutch electro jams. Check out this super mix from Overdose: ... uncing.mp3 Links: - =================================================================== LDR-01 - Sneak-Thief - Zmaj EP [OUT NOW!] A1- Zmaj A2- Zmaj (Mr Pauli Disco remix) B1- Not a Ghost B2- Love & Modulation check out some sounds here - Distribution by rubadub ( Available through / /
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