Dirty Epic presents: Shawn Rudiman and Sassmouth

  • We are kicking off 2016 with two LA debuts that comprise what we consider a pretty gangster double billing. Both Shawn Rudiman and Sassmouth are firmly rooted in techno as their base styles while straddling genres as only artists with roots in Detroit and Chicago can. Shawn is a techno legend who needs no introduction, simply run down his ridiculous discography or watch clips of the man's blistering live sets spanning the years and the globe, and there's no doubt. Sassmouth has been making waves with residencies at Smartbar in Chicago and for the As You Like It crew up in San Francisco, as well as with some standout DJ sets in Detroit during Movement and elsewhere with a relentless touring schedule. Together, they will be a very proper start to 2016 for DE and all you dance floor hooligans. Full techno immersion.
  • Dirty Epic presents: Shawn Rudiman and Sassmouth - Flyer front