Danksoul Label Night with Hrdvsion, Inkwell, Forafee

  • We at Danksoul are gearing up for our first few vinyl releases, we'd like to celebrate this and start the new year with a label showcase of all our talent and some facetime with that lovable scoundrel Hrdvsion before he heads back to europe. By the way... he just got back from a European tour that included playing Fabric, Watergate and the Arches..... Its fucking party time. Music From: Hrdvsion - Wagon Repair (LIVE) Living in a musical home, filled with scads of legit instruments, threw Nathan Jonson into the dark disturbing world of Hrdvsion, an alter ego that would, from an early age, feed his insatiable interest in abusing sound Few people appreciated Nathan's music when he began performing it to "living" audiences ï so, feeling discouraged he quit like a baby. Over 2 years and a few computers later, he built up his courage again to a level that would permit him to perform live at his brother's birthday rave. He thought that t just maybe the world's musical tastes had caught up to his wizardry after such a long hiatus. Now, even cockier than before, he assaulted the crowd with noisey Drum and Bass and destroyed a Britney Spears track, to everyone's horror. The blissful rush that overcame him during this experience, he feels, may have been the cement that has kept him so close to his music since that memorable evening. Now 10 bajillion years later he has begun fusing Techno with experimental music, creating something now more dance friendly, yet still really strange and kind of disturbing. www.myspace.com/hrdvsion Inkwell - Danksoul/Archipel/Wagon Repair (LIVE) In 2004, cinch (Cam Smith) and litewait (Ryan Trann) met while studying audio engineering at the Art Institute of Vancouver-Burnaby. They became friends and created "Inkwell", a product of two minds from vastly different backgrounds. The two bring their musical flavours together to produce a unique combination of techno and house; aggressiveness and subtelty. Rocking homemade gear in their live performance, these two Canadians are involved in all aspects of techno production. Truly jacks of all trades, you'll find them designing sounds, hardware, and software, all as a means to an end; a seriously bumpin' dancefloor. Minimal Techno is the backbone of their set, but it often veers in other more diverse territory without warning. Their spontaneity and improvisation when playing live, provides for a unique experience each time and the energy they put forth on stage translates to the studio effortlessly. Their productions vary, mixing genres and ideals, but in the end it always comes out sounding fresh and clean. Based in Vancouver, they've been performing in and around western Canada since 2006 as a part of the Danksoul Recordings crew, with whom they release with. www.myspace.com/inkwelllivepa ForAFee - Danksoul (DJ) With a proven track record of destroying crowds with genre defying minimalist dance music the tandem of Bryan Wells and Dane MacDonald known as ForAFee want nothing more than for you to totally love them :) These two prairie born Canadians are no strangers to the modern dance music world with influences coming from artists such as Mathew Dear, Noze, Losoul, Dj Koze and innovative dance labels like Perlon and Wagon Repair. Dane and Bryan are accompanied by a vast collection of sought after vinyl that inhabits their studios allowing them uncompromised programming precision in their dj sets and an unpredictability that keeps you wanting more. Also featuring DJ's: Kinsella - Danksoul JesseBru - Danksoul Scott W. - ...he's a lone wolf.. what a badass! Soon after this show we will be on our regular release schedule and we'll be doing more and more shows in Vancouver and beyond. $20 at the door $15 presale (up soon)
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