CC pres. Mr. Oizo

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    Room 1: Mr. Oizo (Fr, Ed Bangers) + Sound Of Stereo (Lektroluv) + Maxim Lany + Neon Room 2: TLP aka Troubleman
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  • Mr Oizo! In full effect! We’re very proud to present Mr Flat Beat aka Quentin Dupieux aka Mr Oizo behind the Culture Club desks. He’s one of the Godfathers of the Paris dance scene and his new album “Lambs Anger” on Ed Banger Records is vintage Oizo dancefloorkilling! Deadly effective & far out!! Warming up: Sound Of Stereo. Keep a close eye on this Belgian project, they’re whispered to be the next hot thing...
  • CC pres. Mr. Oizo - Flyer front