Therapy: Cosmo Cater

  • COSMO CATER A familiar face in Brisbane. with sticky fingers in warmup pies, big room conversions, festival set ups and generally epic sets, Cosmo Cater is a dancefloor specialist of the highest order. Coming to us from the impeccably tight Sidechain Group of DJs, Cosmo has been a mainstay on Brisbane's club and festival circuit for many years, most notably pushing a tough progressive sound amply suitable for setting up the likes of Steve Lawler, Dave Seaman, and Sasha + Digweed. An avid music collector with a solid history, Cosmo has developed as an adaptable and highly effective DJ across many styles, hitting up Sunday Roast, Empire, Family's main room, and festivals such as Summafieldayze, Big Day Out, Two Tribes and BBQ Breaks. Mr Cater's enthusiasm for this particular Therapy set makes us suspect that he's been having wild ideas about taking Therapy for a ride. With the backing of resident Therapists, Nat Monaghan, Adrian Matyear and Shannon L Marshall, we're quite happy for him to do so. Cosmo Cater takes off Friday 9th January. THERAPY House music, for heads and feet.. FRIDAY 9th JANUARY 8pm - 5am, No cover BARSOMA 4/22 Constance St Fortitude Valley
  • Therapy: Cosmo Cater - Flyer front