2AM/FM Live with Charles Manier (DJ Set), D'marc Cantu // Further Reductions, Rose E

  • After 10-20 year delays, 2AM/FM and a special guest from Finland finally share the same stage to make their US live PA debuts. Partners in crime Charles Manier & D'Marc Cantu split off before and after the main attractions for a more complete tour of the duo's various influences. 2AM/FM: Working their way through deep and frantic techno productions, it was many years ago that Tadd Mullinix teamed up with roommate D’Marc Cantu to create 2AM/FM, their take on pure techno and house. Those early days saw a two part release on Ghostly’s Spectral Sound imprint and later, more from the esteemed Rush Hour branch M>O>S Recordings and Dutch contemporary, Crème Organization. Flash forward to 2015, the pair are hot on the heels of a recently released, self-titled debut LP via Tadd’s Bopside records. It’s a seven tracks tied into their framework of clean, classically deep house, with an occasional devolution into coarse, metallic, detuned bits and the acid the two producers are renown for both separately and together. This performance marks the debut of their all-new live PA set, 10 years in the making and appearing for the first time at Good Room. Charles Manier: For years a mostly-dormant side project of Tadd Millinix, better known as JTC and Dabrye, after making early appearances in 2002-2003 Charles Manier has returned to become a very hotly-touted alias. An amalgam of dirty house, EBM, industrial music, Italo, and more of the grit that suffuses much of Mullinix's other work, it's rebirth on the 2013 Nation compilation album, well-timed to coincide with a re-evaluation of industrial music and a surge in Nation's popualrity, has finally brought belated notice to one of his most interesting and hard-hitting projects. With the launch of his own Bopside label last year and a newly released, all-new album of Charles Manier material this past November, sufacing barely a month after the 2AM/FM long player, it's sclear that Mullinix is again shifting focus and placing his emphasis here. D'Marc Cantu: A long-underrated producer whose contributions to the early Jakbeat idea, alongside roommate Mullinix and label head Traxx, can not be overstated, Cantu has been exploring the outer reaches of acid and techno since 2000 to forge his own unique identity in Detroit's still-evolving scene. A devotee of both classic hardware and more modern production techniques, Catnu churns out new material at an intimidating rate: 10 releases under his own name since 2014 plus the 2AM/FM album a few months ago. We'd be less impressed if he didn't keep the standards so high, and his regular appearances in New York in recent years have proven that Cantu is not a talent to be taken lightly. Special Guest, AKA Detroit Diesel, Melody Boy 2000, etc.: Born in 1969 in a small town called Imatra in the south east of Finland, a few kilometers from the Russian border, he isl, alongside Mika Vainio, one of the few survivors from the earliest electro and techno producers ever in Finland, a true underground veteran and a legend in his own right. In 1992, he started DUM Records to create a platform for his own productions. His music can be described as 'raw, analogous, minimal, icy dark techno woven together in an experimental and hypnotic stone-cold form', influenced by the seemingly endless winters in Finland. He always has been obsessed with electronic music, especially innovative music and unheard new sounds. His main project name comes from a profound love of analogue gear, and his other aliases - Detroit Diesel, Melody Boy 2000, and others - process his sound into different shapes, leaning anywhere from techno classicism to total abstraction. Over 20 years in the waiting, he finally makes his U.S. debut at Good Room. Alex from Queens: A DJ whose range stretches from old school industrial and house to the most cutting-edge sounds of today, Alex from Queens has been hosting his own Capriccio events since 2011, incorporating an eclectic view of dance music by hosting legends Juan Atkins, Egyptian Lover, Reade Truth, Hieroglyphic Being, and Carlos Souffront alongside newer artists like L.I.E.S. mainstays Steve Summers, Bookworms, Ngly, Entro Senestre, and others. He recently founded the Fleurs du Mal record label, which will feature releases from Crimen Excepta, Upsetting Keys, among others In the Bad Room Duo Further Reductions - Shawn O'Sullivan & Rose E. Kross - bring a forward taste of Brooklyn's underground techno and industrial scene. Shawn's solo techno career and work as a member of Led Er Est has been met with increasing appreciation in recent years after long work in the underground, but it's likely that Further Reductions is still his closest brush to aboveground recognition, thanks to a remix handed for Steffi released on Ostgut Ton a few months ago. Their album last year on Cititrax was likewise well received, and although in its earliest stages, Rose. E Kross' solo career is off to a well-paced start. The duo will DJ the main set in the Bad Room, with a preceding solo live set from Rose. DJ support provided by Exit System's LA01 & Nihal Thomas, an upcoming Brooklyn-based promoter/DJ team.
  • 2AM/FM Live with Charles Manier (DJ Set), D'marc Cantu // Further Reductions, Rose E - Flyer front
    2AM/FM Live with Charles Manier (DJ Set), D'marc Cantu // Further Reductions, Rose E - Flyer back
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