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    TRAXX [kode†nation, creme jak, mos - chicago] Break.SL [philpot records, we like... - dresden] #npnk [nation europe, we like... - dresden]
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  • Not content to be labeled as merely a DJ, a producer, or even a DeeJay|Producer, Melvin Oliphant III aka Traxx is a obsessed lover of music - one with a passion so intense that it overcomes genre divides to weave an altogether original, exciting, and multi-textured musical fabric which envelops both the avid clubber and the home listener, as well as everyone in between. From an early age, Melvin Oliphant surrounded himself with a wide variety of sounds, however,it afforded him an opportunity many longed for but never experienced - he lived, first hand the evolution of house music into something much more than just an underground phenomenon, and for this reason, he has a deep understanding of the history of the sound, and a clear picture of its future. That guy, who grew up in the windy city of Chicago, started listening to music at an early age. From the hot early days of disco, experimental dance, industrial, jazz, and hip hop, to the evolution of house music, TRAXX has seen and lived it all. But it was particularly the house music that had him direct most of his attention to the works of individuals like Jesse Saunders, Vincent Lawrence, Lil.. Louis, Ron Hardy, Duane Thamm, Ten City, Jm Silk, Chip E, Rocky Jones, Farley ..Funkin.. Keith, Fingers Inc., Frankie Knuckles, and the many other forefathers of the music. From then, his love, passion, and dedication has transpired him into a music preserver and educator. Self described as an artist of sound, TRAXX, manipulates his musical compositions [records] into his own distinct emotional interpretations. "I express what I..m feeling at that moment." Because of this, one can count on sessions, or sets, played by TRAXX to be unpredictable, diverse, and always different. He has his own electric blend of sound textures eminating from experiences, energies, and visions. From playing in the basements and small clubs of Chicago..s underground to playing across the USA and the rest of the world in countries like Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany, you..ll never know what to expect from him. He has been invited to perform at the love parade three times and can even play on six decks alone. For this Trackmaster, the future of dance music rests in the hands of those who seek to expand its boundaries while preserving its past and educating its devotees. As a self-described "artist of sound," The KODE NATION mastermind generally morphs musical compositions into distinctive, highly emotional interpretations - he is, indeed, an innovator, and one who reshapes music into a progressive, forward-thinking document which defies classification and invites analysis and discussion. From eclectic and avant-garde tunes to old school jack tracks and lounge grooves, this expert hears it all without discrimination, pretension or elitism. TRAXX released on numerous labels such as Gigolo, Muzique, Relief, M/O/S, Crème Organization and Crème-Jak under different monikers such as XXART, SATURN V, X2, THE GREEN GOBLIN, DIRTY CRIMINALS and some more. He collaborated with James T. Cotton, DJ Hell, Green Velvet, D..marc Cantu, Mount Sims, Legowelt and many more to shape his unique definition of Jakbeat, resulting in a collaboration with TLR, inventing the Créme Jak Series of the reknown Créme Organization Platform. Unfortunately after six releases Créme Jak ceased to exist. But the spirit of Jakbeat lives on. What defines jakbeat tracks has a lot to do with the jacking feeling and little to do with labels, aesthetics, or any list of synthesizers. The Jack sound exists in an endless assortment of musics. For a while it was generally known that you do not need a Roland TB303 to make 'acid'. But as other fashions took control of house that fundamental understanding was lost... and the aesthetic took over. A contrived image was left with the masses. It has been said by greater men that Jakbeat as it has come to be known is a not just a hash back to a golden age of house, it’s not just a mess of drum beats and synths and it’s not just something that is created at random. “Jack” exists on all levels and can be found everywhere in music “Jakbeat” is a state of mind and different level of musical consciousness. In 2007 Traxx founded his own label NA†iON as a wide and open minded platform for the Jakbeat sound. A platform for artists like JTC aka JAMES T. COTTON, D..MARC CANTU, NAUGHTY WOOD, SATURN V, X2, BETA EVERS and many more to follow. All releases are strictly limited to 500 pieces and all 5 releases are so far sold out. 6, 7 & 8 are ready to hit the stores...
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