Π13: 2 Years of π

  • The π series turns 2, and invites the legend of techno, Regis (Karl O’Connor) for its anniversary night that takes place on January 22nd, at Six DOGS, Athens. It has been 2 years since the π inaugural event in 2014; ‘Introducing π’. In this short period, π hosted some of the top names of the scene at parties in Athens and Berlin; DJs and producers such as Rodhad, Answer Code Request, DVS1, Adam X, Function, Ancient Methods, Cut Hands, Silent Servant and others. There couldn’t be a more suitable guest to headline our 2 years anniversary event; Regis, the label-boss of Downwards, part of the infamous duos, British Murder Boys, Sandwell District, and Uganda Methods, an artist who has for long influenced the aesthetics of π. Regis’ performance will be supported by two artists, who have regularly convoy our events: ANFS – co-owner of the Athenian Modal Analysis record label, as well as label-boss of Vanila label, and Morah – the head of the well-known Phormix parties in Athens. 3.14 – the founder of π and co-owner of Modal Analysis will open the evening. We would also like to thank all individuals and entities that joined forces with π so far, aiming to co-produce the highest quality music outcome possible.
  • Π13: 2 Years of π - Flyer front