Quadrant With John Tejada & Ed Vertov

  • PRO-TEZ RECORDS PRESENTS QUADRANT NIGHTS OF DEEP/DUB/AMBIENT TECHNO MISIC!! TEJADA VS VERTOV !! ALL NITE ON THE DECKS!! VINYL ONLY SAVE THE VINYL !! NO DIGITAL BULLSHIT !!! NO CDS !! Evenings of deep/ambient/dub-techno/slow-house !! Previous guests are John Tejada, Mike Huckaby, Ark, Marc Schneider, One of the Bosses of Pro-Tez records on the decks with special guests !!! PRO-TEZ records is a robotic music vessel creature for the young and forward thinking uberdroids.It has been synthesized by Ed Karapetian(Ed Vertov )and Anton Kubikov of SCSI-9.Maxim Milyutenko also joined our team ,we call him the Grim Reaper of sound design. . ED KARAPETYAN was born in Moscow and moved to Los Angeles in 1998, where he went to school to pursue his dream to become a filmmaker, but in 2003 Ed and his old time friend Anton Kubikov of SCSi-9 (Kompakt) decided to set up an international electronic music record label PRO-TEZ RECORDS. It was launched in 2005 and became first Russian /American exclusive Kompakt label. Now the record label is getting world wide recognition and with number of releases proved to be an exquisite music vessel for young and never heard before musicians.Ed also works at Amoeba Record store in Hollywood where he is deeply involved in electronic music department , keeps djing around LA and making music which will come out one day. The focus of Pro-tez Records is to work with a broad roster of artists who create a wide scope of innovative approaches toward minimal electronic music that is equally comfortable on the dance floor as in the living room. The label will explore the wide palette of microscopically intricate compositions that are based on the foundation of minimalist music and at the same time develop original ideas. It is all started in Moscow where the electronic music scene has been emerging since 1995.Now it is growing bigger than ever, where we found all this young forward thinking artists which have to be heard.After listening to numerous amount of demos we selected a wide catalog of fresh material .All soon to be out there for people to enjoy. DISTRIBUTED BY KOMPAKT
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  • Quadrant With John Tejada & Ed Vertov - Flyer front