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    MORGAN (lafayette, bordel musicale) MR. JINGLES (lolita, club grimaldi, pachamama) CRAZY RAY (raving zone, groove dynasty) EMANUEL SIN & MAJOR TOM (boulesdeberlin, clubgrimaldi, groovedynasty, pachamama, bordel musicale)
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  • LIMITED CAPACITY, DECORATED + FINGERFOOD PRESALE @ BILLBOARD and C & Sea LOUNGE (kinepolis oostende) PRESALE PRICE: 7€ @doors: 12€ 500 tickets available TICKET ALSO VALID FOR 3 JANUARY SATURDAY (more info soon)(onder voorbehoud)(secret location....uuu not so secret, but now it is a secret) DRESSCODE: CHIC, HAUTE COUTURE, BLUSH, DESIGN, BLACK TIE, WHITE TIE, HAIRDRESS, LIPSTICK, HIGH HEELS, SMOKING, PROMQUEEN/KING! (warning! acces can be refused!)
  • NYE 2009 - Flyer front