Endless - New Year's Eve

  • Live Shows - Bands Paris Suit Yourself [Indie Soul] Fredovitch [Fuzz Synth] Infidelix [HipHop] Lexodus [HipHop] Stephen Paul Taylor [Synth Pop] 3D Mapping, Spectacular Fire Flames and Neon Light installation with Mahir Duman Thomas Sevet Vj Chuu Come over to celebrate the begining of New Year with us. Check out all those great artists,musicians,djs we have on the board.Together with you,we are the party! Simply come over to make a P.A.R.T.Y. From 20:00 the doors will be on. We have 5 kickass bands and performances before and after the countdown together with spectacular fire flames,3d mapping,light installations in our cozy garden where you can also watch the all new years eve madness around warschauer str. and raw area. And from 01:00 , 4 Dance Floors will be on non stop till next day to present the best international and local djs from techno to deep house. Come over for an incredibly colourful night to remember. Happy New Year!
  • Endless - New Year's Eve - Flyer front