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    Glacial Sound Tjugo Lax [Welcome] Bobofunk B2B Ed Fay [Flush Dublin] Rosbeg B2B DJ TALENTS [Palisade]
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  • "2015's festive phenomenon, 'Drillmas', guaranteed to be the most turnt thing you do this holiday season" - The Irish Times n. drill /drɪl/ ▸ ■ Also referred to as the 'drill scene' is a Trap subgenre originating from young, South Side Chicago rappers and producers. The genre is one of the most prominent contemporary facets of Chicago hip hop. -wikipedia n. drillmas /drɪl'məs/ ▸ ■A festive celebration of everything drill, trill and lil (B, Weezy, Durk, Flip etc). Celebrated annually by Welcome, Flush and Palisade. -oxford dictionary
  • Drillmas - Flyer front