Nye with Italoboyz

  • Benjamin Acero Presents..... An European New Years Eve after hrs with ITALOBOYZ (Get Physical/mothership/it/London/Italy) http://www.myspace.com/italoboyz + NOVA ( Pornograph / Miami ) http://www.myspace.com/djnovamiami + SIMON WISH (3rm / Miami) http://www.myspace.com/djsimonwish @ The Newly Remodeled Roman terrace (Nocturnal) Thursday January 1st Doors open @ 3 Am 50 N.E 11TH STREET Nocturnal Night Club Powered By : PLOT - LINK - TECHNOBOX - FU:TEK - PORNOGRAPH - DELTA REV - CDM - ELEMENT - BETO - FUNKU2.COM - COOL JUNKIE - WANTICKETS - GET PHYSCIAL - TRAPEZ - NYE.COM - Nocturnal For more info , Presale Tickets or Bottle Reservations 754-422-2917 or visit http://www.wantickets.com Italoboyz: Since arriving in London at the beginning of the new millennium, Italoboyz (aka Marco Donato and Federico Marton) have become an essential fixture of the capital's small but passionate minimal scene. From their notorious back-to-back DJ sets at FESH (333, London), their reputation has grown to the point where they can now be found playing regularly across Europe and the rest of the UK. However, it's not just the energy and flair of their DJ sets that has captured the imagination, Italoboyz releases on some of today's most influential minimal-house / techno labels like Get Physical, Treibstoff, Einmaleins Musik and Safari Electronique also made a strong impression on the scene in 2006. "When you realize that without moving there won't be any change, you move"; explains Marco, so that's exactly what they did, swapping their native Italy for London (Marco in 2001 and Fede in 2002), urged on by separate desires to go deeper and get more involved in electronic music. It was this fusion of minds, with complementary ways of both absorbing and communicating electronic music that inspired them to team up and form Italoboyz in 2002. Since then they haven't stopped moving forward, obsessively exploring the hybrid sounds of house and techno through their love of minimalism, acid-house and hi-tech funk. Although their sound has always been characterized by organic elements along with large doses of funk and energy, the distinctive flavour of their productions and DJ sets is down to a willingness to embrace and explore the various genres and sub-genres that develop out of this constantly evolving music. One of the reasons Italoboyz productions are so well received is the fact that their musical expression is a fusion of sounds, themes and ideas resulting from over 15 years DJing experience. Their aim is to deliver the most modern, cutting edge sound possible but it should still resonate through time, both past and future, in order to make the immediate experience all the more seductive Needless to say, their own parties have built up quite a following, often running all day long from Sunday afternoon till early Monday morning. It's an experience that has given them valuable knowledge and insight into the difference between playing in peak time club environment and a more laid back after hours situation where the emphasis is on creating sonic landscapes that morph from easy-listening, atmospheric sounds to more dance orientated grooves. Because of their focus on new sounds and care for small details they have been invited to collaborate with GAZZARRINI, a young talented Italian designer, to create the background music for the shows during the Milan fashion week and by playing live during the catwalk. New projects are summarized in new collaborations, new music productions as Italoboyz solo and in partnership with other artists, and the never-ending exploration into music.. This is Italoboyz first Gig in the States and you never know when you get another chance to check them out....these guys are huge and you dont want to miss this for anything Italoboyz is going to put together quite a show , like they do all over Europe and in LOVE PARADE every year!
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