Clinic with Hobo (Minus) & Guests

  • Clinic Wednesdays welcomes Hobo from MINUS to Los Angeles on Wednesday, January 27th 2016. It should come as no surprise when you listen to the body of work that Joel Boychuk has created under his Hobo guise, that each individual output sounds so different. Hobos are wanderers - migrant work-seekers, constantly on the move. You can tell that he is aware of this fact every time he steps into his studio, because speaking musically, for him the same path is never trodden twice. When asked why he never seems to repeat himself, he will answer without hesitation: “You stay still, you’re more likely to be left behind.” It sounds so simple but it makes so much sense. He freely admits that there will be people who come along and stick around by playing it safe, finding something that works, and riding it as long as possible. For him, however, that is not an option. Boychuk speaks of idleness and stagnation as though they’re the worst plague imaginable. And it’s valid logic. Everything is in a state of change, why not embrace it? And embrace it the twenty-four year old producer has. Supported by ••••••••••••••••• Lee K Out Of Hand ------------------------------ $20. RSVP: for discounted entry before 11pm. 21+ w/ ID For tables & bottles: 323-464-2065
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