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    EinsteinBarbie./live 22:00./ WANNABEASTAR./dj./ Samantha Freud (a.k.a. Rubedo Polack)./dj./ Graham B./dj./ Guerilla Speakerz./dj's./ Meester Moeilijk + Sjonnie Disco./dj's./ Martin Duvall./vj./ Destinee./mc./ Milliondollar Kids./show./
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  • FUCK OUD & NIEUW = 03 JANUARY IS HIP = COME EARLY = TOAST TO THE NEW YEAR + LIVE IN CONCERT = NU SPACE FRONTIER = NU DANCE FORMULA = UP and MELODIC punch of TECH funk, HIGH octane BREAK beat, fidget HOUSE, jackin' BEAT, glam PUNK, rocking NU DISCO...! Discocult, the atom-smashing party formula, gives a kick-start to 2009 with a riotous line-up of local heroes. “Fuck Oud & Nieuw” is the motto for this 03 January Space-Hip-Beat New Year Cocktail Party. The elegant and cultish space-pop of EinsteinBarbie (live in concert) catapults your mind into a new galaxy, while our mobile space bar takes care of your oral voyage. Meester Moeilijk & Sjonnie Disco provide a sharp U-turn with tear-jerking discotheque hilarity, while the handsome Amsterdam prodigy duo Guerilla Speakerz put some extra hot chilli peppers up your bum. From that point on switch over to automatic pilot: Hot-Mama Wannabeastar, the furious and sensual blond diva spins catchy and sexy filth, while Samantha Freud and Graham B. get Milliondollar Kids on stage to blast your disco pants off and to get your moves right. Topping it all are provocative visuals by Martin Duvall and titillating rhymes by MC Destinee. All Discocult DJs spin a Nu Dance Formula: up and melodic punch of tech funk, high octane break beat, fidget house, jackin’ beat, glam punk and rocking nu disco. The only cult you want to join!
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