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    Roman K (Kiev, Underground People) Vakula aka Miguel (Moskow, Uzuri, Firecracker, Meakuzma) Yasique (Kiev, Underground People)
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  • He's the one! Right now he's reachin' hearts of an audience with the music. Vakula aka Miguel (Moskow, Uzuri, Meakuzma, Quintessentials) @ Eclectic clubnight in Salminskiy club here in Kiev (Ukraine) on 26th of December. He was born in a small town Konotop in the times of a Soviet Union. His musical background is all about his grandfather who was a unique banduras (native ukrainian music instrument) player. After moving to Moscow Vakula started to combine hard work and visiting night clubs. At that time he came to intension to share his music with the people. That's when he decided to spent time learning to work with turntables. Vakula's dj debut was in of the most interesting places - Propaganda club. Unique vision and sensitive performance of tunes opened the doors to many russian and ukrainian clubs. Here comes the moment when Vakula starts producing music. 2008, Hohol 12" with a remix by Lerosa was published on a UK label Uzuri. Though belonging to the genre of house music the sound was really unexpected & unique. Later on Vakula joined the family of the Firecracker Recordings & that was one of the finest moments in the development of ex-USSR house music. And that's not an end, because at the moment German label Philpot is preparing to release new Vakula's EP. Impossible not to mention Vakula's remixing works: Kez YM (4lux, inphusion), Kira Neris (Futuristica Music) or Ricomiguel. They all will be released in nearest future. Vakula's ideas were supported by collaborations with Los Hermanos, Nina Kravitz aka Damela Ayer. And finaly she is the voice of their joiunt project Nobody. Nowadays name Vakula stands close to Reggie Dokes, Move D, Soulphiction, Cassy and Lerosa. They all came to the scene with their own ideas and a personal vision. And they all are the future of the soulful house scene that is striking now. 2008 was a year of a giant leap for the musician. Just press Play button.
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