Lowerstate: Dop, Ruari & Audiofeen

  • Lowerstate kick off 09 with none other than emerging superstars dOP bringing their live antics to Galway. With Clement Zemtsov on beat programming, Damien Van de Sande on keyboards and horns and Jonathan “Jo” Illel laying down the lyrics, the dOP live experience is on the cutting edge of house/techno, though their songs barely fit those genres. With releases spread across Milnor Modern, Circus Company and Orac Records so far, the group melds disparate sounds (rap, blues, free jazz, Malian kora, house, experimental pop) into oddly stirring, funky packages with minor concern for a stylistic classification or hapless DJs. "dOP pull off what so many try and so few can do: interdisciplinary dance music. In interviews they are coy, saying they stumbled on to electronic music after trying all other kinds and finding they needed to be “too serious” or that “there weren’t enough girls.” It’s probably this attitude that allowed the Parisian house experimentalists to capture so many ears of late. Not only do they cover jazz records, sing on everything and play instruments, they do it all with an accomplished, self-regarding rock and roll swagger. Many dance producers let the studiousness with which they employ exotic combinations of instruments and beats shine through. dOP, on the other hand, hide their competence behind a thin yet un-tearable skin of drunkenness, sloppiness, and fun. dOP make you feel like you’re listening to warts and all, ad-hoc concoctions of everything and the kitchen sink. At the same time, their perfect arrangements tangle then untangle without missing a beat. The combination’s magic." - Colin Shields - LWE’s Top 5 Breakout Artists of 2008
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