• Comunitē - community of music enthusiasts in the Mayan Riviera was born within a group of 100% local Mexican Djs, producers and curators, in which in contrast with other projects, cultural unity, social and environmental responsibility are paramount. The way we interact with our environment channels into an ever-changing variable where new doors open and others close. Ideas constantly emerge in this world of practically unlimited access to information and stimuli. To live and understand such a world, our emotional intelligence becomes decisive and the need to delve into our roots arises. It is vital to develop a responsible awareness within the importance of energy, nature, and human relations – all geared towards cultural evolution. There is a demand for a sense of belonging and collective identity - a need to speak the same language. Art and music have always been the perfect vehicles for this and the context where they happen have become part of art itself. This is why an idea of creating a timeless community of music enthusiasts. As part of our contribution to the community a percentage of ticket sales will go to a local community to bring potable water to 8 families through rain catching systems. In January of 2016, enter Comunitē. "A timeless space to disappear, transform, and collectively exist forever."
  • Comunitē - Flyer front