• You take a house DJ and make him play the drums, then you ass a Bowie-loving bassist who sings too, and finally you fill in an avantgarde jazz guitarist with a mean moustache. These are the main ingredients in trio WHOMADEWHO. A mouthwatering stew that enjoys things a bit stirred. Let's put down some facts in separated chapters so that you can skip what ever you think is really boring and wack... THE PEOPLE Band: Tomas Barfod, Tomas Hoeffding, Jeppe Kjellberg Label: Munich based GOMMA THE MEETING Tomas Barfod (drummer, producer) had known Jeppe Kjellberg (guitarist, vocal) for some time. He amired the long guy for his creative and personal way of handling the guitar. He also admired his thick, wild semilong hair. Tomas himself had shaved his head a few years earlier, cause that's the way things go sometimes. Anyway, they got together and spoke about music, wanting to do something out of their current field. They had an urge to bend and melt down genres of their likings. But they needed ome more person to make it all ad up. Along came another boldie, Tomas Hoeffding (bass, vocal). This guy was a fine fellow from Jeppe's social circles and he had an instant connection with Tomas Barfod as well. Not only was he hairless too, but also he understood the way of thinking and was the owner of a smooth honest voice. Early on on the making the boys drove away to an old, soiled house in the country. Here they got down some raw, intuitively played recordings, that later became solid tracks on their debut album of 2005. The threesome was united. THE LIVE EXPERIENCE As a live band WhoMadeWho are an unforgettable, incendiary experience and they have played alongside genre bending contemporaries Soulwax, Hot Chip, Justice and LCD Soundsystem. After touring with them Hot Chip asked to remix new single "TV Friend" and Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age has covered "Space for Rent" after seeing them rattling bones in their skeleton garb. Their crowning moment of the last tour was being pushed up the bill to headline the main stage at Benicassim when Klaxons failed to show in 2007. THE NEXT CHAPTER After achieving critical acclaim with their self-titled debut album, WhoMadeWho are returning with their second album "The Plot" in March 2009. "TV FRIEND", the pre-release single is an amazing futuristic dancepop tune and will be released with a HOT CHIP remix in November 2008.
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