Cave - New Year Party

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    Steve Law (4th Loop) Terry Keeley (Ecker) Cricky Lyttle & Blacky B2B 16 Bit & Dave Cullen B2B (Ableton & CDJ set) Pete Opiate Micheal Maloney Porter Paddy C
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  • Since The Warehouse is now open til 6am we thought we'd throw a nice little party to celebrate this fact! This will be the first all nighter in the venue since the new entertainment license comes into effect on the 1st of Jan 2009. We couldn't be happier with this announcement and we have some crackin nights lined up for next year including our 2 part birthday celebrations in February and March (the info for which will be released on the night in Jan). I personally can't wait! So get yourselves down and cure that hangover from all that Christmas and NYE partying. This will be your last chance to party before going back to work so don't miss out! Hope to see you there, Cave!
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